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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wait for the 2nd maybe 3rd generation iPad

Now that most of the iPad hype has settled and we have a pretty good idea what Apple's newest creation can and cannot do and how much it costs and when it will be released, it's time to ask yourself is the iPad really for you?

I've been following the iSlate, iTablet, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Cool-er, Que proReader, Sony eReader, Skiff Reader rumors for months - daily, bookmarking articles and images in Diigo and Delicious.  My students have been writing reviews and reports on eReader technology since November. I even screen captured my Twitter page at 1PM on January 27th and honestly, by 3PM, I was, well, bummed out.

The iPad, as sweet and lovely as it is, just barely misses the mark for me. It's almost everything I thought it would be - Internet, email, photos, video, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, maps, contacts, 9.7-inch color display, but you can't multi-task, no video or still camera features, no Flash support, no port for SD cards and 3G flexibility will cost an extra hundred bucks.  My MacBook can do all of that (except for the touch screen functions) and my iPhone can do 95 per cent of that.  Maybe the specs will change when Apple introduces the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad, but until then, I plan to keep Stanza for the iPhone close and the idea of moving to the Barnes &  Noble nook even closer.

The images and articles below pretty much say it all.

Kindle's death sentence commuted from besttabletreview

This very sage piece of advice from nooktalk

And this very interesting perspective from Scott McLeod

The Twitter wire around 2PM on 1/27/2010
(note, 190.375 tweets within 5 minutes!)

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