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Thursday, November 03, 2005


The Angriest Black Man in America?

1. What does it mean to be outspoken?
2. Who is Aaron McGruder?
3. What is censorship?
4. What’s it mean to be “race conscious” give two examples of race conscious individuals
5. What is caustic humor?
6. Why is McGruder considered to be “the angriest black male in America?”
7. What is McGruder’s strip about?
8. Who are Riley and Huey?
9. Why does McGruder speak through children and not adults?
10. Who received Huey’s most embarrassing black of the year award?
11. How does Caesar propose to save the world?
12. List three things you did not know about Mr. McGruder

Learn about Aaron McGruder by watching the video clip “boondocks” on the “Q” drive click on the folder Mr. Songhai/Mr. Andrews/Video clips/boondocks

After you’ve gathered all of your information, organize your findings and write a two-three paragraph news story. Post the story on your blog.

Title this blog entry The Angriest Black Man in America


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