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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

RUFUS HARLEY 5/20/36-8/1/06

I met Rufus Harley about 25 years ago.
I had the privilege to gig with him back
in 1990. It was a chance collaboration.
I originally called Byard Lancaster to do the
gig, but Byard was unavailable that night and he
matter-of-factly suggested that I call Rufus Harley
to do the gig. I called Rufus and he said "Sure,
where is the gig and do you mind if I bring my
son, Messiah - he plays trumpet."
I said "Come on with it."
It was a fantastic night. One I will never forget.

Rufus Harley was a great brother and an outstanding
musician. As recent as June 7th, I had the pleasure
to videotape him jamming at Club La Rose on
Germantown Avenue for Odean Pope's CD release party.
He will be missed.

Click the links below for more information on
Rufus Harley, the world's first jazz bagpipe player.

From wikipedia

From City Paper

From Swarthmore College

Click to watch video of Rufus Harley and Byard Lancaster
Recorded at the Germantown Friends School, September 25, 2005

Photo Courtesy of Rev. Le Roi Simmons

Rufus Harley with Timi Tanzania

H. Songhai


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