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Monday, September 17, 2007

Let The Learning Begin

Introduction to Web 2.0 - the Read/Write Web

This year we will spend a lot of time working with education blogs and wikis.
We will use blogs and wikis for 90% of all the written work that comes out of this class. All students will create an education blog. Your education blog will feature your best written work and your best multimedia work. You will learn how to edit your blog template and how to insert photos, audio and hyperlinks. You will learn how to embed voicethreads and movies onto a blog post. Throughout the year, you will be assigned to read different blogs and news feeds from other students and educators from around the blogosphere. You will make global connections and develop important and meaningful learning communities in cyberspace.

You will learn about tagging, social bookmarking, and tools like furl, and Diigo. You will learn how to tag and catalog web pages and how to feed that content to a personalized start page like Netvibes, Pageflakes and iGoogle.

You will use tools like Flickr to store your photos, you'll use senduit to send large files over the net, Zamzar to convert files to different formats and you'll use Keepvid to download video files. You will learn how to create enhanced podcasts and movies with tools like voicethread, slideshare, eyespot and jumpcut.
By the final semester, you should be producing one multimedia project every week.

Over the year you will amass a diverse body of work that you should be proud of and want to publish to a global audience. Below are the tools you will need to make that happen.

Tools you will need

A computer

A USB flash drive or a portable USB hard drive (1 Gig or higher) to transfer your digital assignments.

A USB headset/microphone to record your assignments and to make skype calls

An MP3 player to listen to and watch your assignments at any time

Digital still camera, video camera, cell phone with bluetooth and voice recorder

Good luck to all!

H. Songhai


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