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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pandora Liner Notes and Sampler

Use Windows MovieMaker to create complementary liner notes for your Pandora Radio Compilations. MovieMaker affords you a few more bells and whistles than Google Presentation. If you have a headset/microphone you may add your voice to your liner notes project.

The liner notes/sampler above was assembled using Audacity for the audio and MovieMaker for the motion. First, create the audio sampler in Audacity by cutting and joining short musical statements from the hour long audio track. Export the audio sampler to your music folder. Try to keep the audio sampler under two minutes and thirty seconds.

Next, import the short audio sampler into MovieMaker. Create titles in MovieMaker to display the song titles and import photographs of the artists/composers.

See me if you have questions, ideas or suggestions.

H Songhai

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