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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtual Paper and Electronic Journals

The Philadelphia Tribune is now available online. The entire newspaper as well as the magazines and supplements can be now be read from your web browser. This is especially timely since we just celebrated Earth Day yesterday.

As Digital Archiving students, your virtual holdings (online magazines, RSS feeds, delicious links, etc) are as important as your digital holdings (MP3 files, JPEG files, and assorted movie files).
Many companies are now publishing "virtual papers" and "E-Editions" of their paper newspapers.
Companies like Zinio and The Internet Public Library are leading the way in the area of virtual publishing. Visit Zinio's web site and you will see dozens of popular magazines and journals - ranging from sports to photography and from fashion to health. Most of these magazines are available by pay subscription, but some are free! With mobile devices becoming more powerful by the week, it is only fitting that publishers change with the times. E-editions and virtual newspapers are gaining popularity and importance every day, visit one today and see for yourself.

H Songhai

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