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Monday, November 21, 2005


The Final Presentations for all Digital Production/Computer Arts students will consist of a 5 minute, multimedia, retrospective of all the work you have produced in this class since September.

Your presentations (which can be videotaped or taped for audio) should include the following:

A thoughtful analysis of the PowerPoint projects and the process of matching lyrics with pictures, what did you learn about the various artists – Giovanni, Gaye, Kelly, Wonder, Simone, and others, an analysis of their music, their times, and their other achievements)

A thoughtful analysis of blogs and the blogging process – (What are blogs to you, are blogs useful, does the blog system work as an electronic journaling tool for high school students– why, why not?)

An analysis of New Media’s Digital Production program (Discuss your role and contribution to your production team. Did it work? What can we do to make Digital Production a better class? )

You are encouraged to use your original photographs, video, audio excerpts and excerpts from your blog and PowerPoint presentations.

Your final presentations will be featured on December 21, 2005 at Student Presentation Night for New Media Technology Charter School.

Project proposals and outlines must be submitted to me by December 2, 2005. No proposals will be accepted after that date.


Using PowerPoint set either of these songs to pictures:
“I Wish” by Stevie Wonder
Any winter “holiday song” that you like.

Good luck,

Mr. Songhai


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