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Friday, February 10, 2006


Read “Bye Bye Lyrics” above

(click the picture to enlarge image)

Answer the following questions.

What does copyright mean?
How much are copyrights worth in today’s digital world?
What is intellectual property?
What is the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

How could the information in “Bye Bye Lyrics” potentially affect the way we set songs and poems to pictures in PowerPoint?

Should we listen, line by line, to various recordings and transcribe the songs and poems into PowerPoint (like you did with “On Children”) or should we continue to copy and paste lyrics from the web?

Approach this assignment as if you were hosting your very own radio show.

State your name, the date and state the name of your show - for now, call your show "your advisory."

Then, in your best writing style, fold your answers to the four questions into your opinion of the article, “Bye Bye Lyrics.”

Is it your right to copy and paste lyrics and poetry from the web or should we listen and transcribe the lines to the songs we choose for our PowerPoint work?

Mr. Songhai


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