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Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome Class of 2010

Peace, love and power!
Today you are a freshmen and your secondary education has begun.

Over the next 10 months you will meet, share and collaborate with students, educators and professionals from around the world.

Many of your collaborations will be perfunctory and business-like, but there will be a handful that are so memorable and so powerful that you will cling to them for years to come. May we all grow exponentially in mind, body and spirit in the next four years to come.

Here are the Brain Food questions we discussed in class on Monday 8/28/06.

Until I help you set up your blog,
you may write your responses in a notebook,
You may save them to a flash drive
or you may email your responses to me.

Please answer all questions by 9/8/06

H. Songhai


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