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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iGoogle, Netvibes and Personal Learning Communities

Last week all Media Literacy students were asked to create Personal Start pages in iGoogle and in Netvibes. All students were asked to add Google Docs and Google Reader to your personal start pages. You will use Google Docs to create authentic hypertext documents that are both engaging and interactive, and in lieu of textbooks, you will study and read online works from Moving at the Speed of Creativity, Read/Write Web and other cutting edge, educational sites. These sights will keep you abreast of the latest news and developments in the areas of 21st century learning, media literacy and safe digital social networking.

As we cover more ground in this course, you will begin to discover that your personal start pages are like personal learning communities. One of the great things about iGoogle and Netvibes is that they both allow you to create tabs on your start pages. These tabs will allow you to index your learning around many of the important issues I feel you should know as well as allow you to index knowledge feeds according to your own individual passions and interests.

If you have not set up your personal start pages in iGoogle or Netvibes then see me this week so I can assist you in getting started.

H. Songhai


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