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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

School's Out

Summertime, summertime and the learning gets better and better. Big thanks to Will Richardson at Web-logged and to Chris Lehmann @ (Practical Theory and Science Leadership Academy) for putting the word out about Wordle! The glyph shown above was created using Wordle and includes parts of a presentation I gave at EduCon 2.0 in January of this year. The presentation was titled Cathedrals of Learning on Your Desktop. Click the image to get a larger view. The glyph sums up in word-art, most of the territory we've covered in Media Literacy class here at Hope Charter School, since September.
You've got to check out Wordle! It's free, intelligent and fun, fun, fun!
Have a boss summer. Fish are jumping and the cotton is high!

H. Songhai


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