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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Listening Forward

I'm listening forward to next week when my Media Literacy students post their finished versions of What's On My MP3 player onto their education blogs. Many of them have been working very hard sampling music and dissecting podcasts in order to meet the December 17th deadline. The project is essentially an audio mashup. The students are using Audacity to cut and arrange a series of music sequences and podcasts into smart musical and spoken word statements. After the students gather and organize their media (a series of 12 second sequences or less) they will begin the tedious job of stacking and arranging their audio sequences on the Audacity timeline. The project length is between two minutes and 30 seconds and three minutes.

Last week I introduced the students to MPEG Streamclip, a powerful media player and editor that I discovered while reading Wesley Fryer's blog. MPEG Streamclip is the perfect complement for a project like this. Here are some of the features I like best about MPEG Streamclip.
  • Allows users to set in-points and out-points on audio or video media
  • Allows users to export video to a variety of different formats
  • Users can export video to audio
  • Users can copy the URL from YouTube and other video sites
  • Cutting and trimming media is intuitive and user-friendly
Give MPEG Streamclip a whirl. It's fun, easy to use, and best of all, it's free. I think you'll like it.

H Songhai

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