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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Engaging Students With Twitter Gadgets

It seems like every day, twitter and a galaxy of satellite applications is making it easier for us to share pictures, music and audio across our twitter network. Recently in our Digital Archiving class we started using to listen to and share music with others in the "twittersphere." Yesterday I asked my students to use to post three jazz tunes by three Pennsylvania musicians - Sonny Clark, Lee Morgan and McCoy Tyner. I figured that none of the students would have any of those post-bop musicians on their MP3 players, so I explained to them what is a discography and how to look for specific compositions from a discography. After that little tip, the students found the tracks easily and within minutes the classroom sounded like Ortliebs Jazzhaus.

Listen to a sample here.

Other cool twitter tools we use include TwitterGadget - Twitter Client. This clean little app allows users to submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage or Gmail Account.

We use Twitpics for posting pictures directly to twitter. The image below is from Google Maps/Street View. For this activity the students were asked to pick a location in their community where they would like to erect a movie theater.

I blogged about Dial2Do a few weeks ago, a fantastic tool for sending audio messages to twitter. You can also send audio messages to Google Calendar, send audio e-mails, audio text messages and more. I first learned about Dial2Do from blogger and educator Lisa Durff, over what else - my twitter network.

We've also had a lot of fun using twitter to share movies and television shows from hulu.

And the fun and learning doesn't stop there. A few days ago Professor Scott Mcleod posted a tweet about TwitMic a shiny little app for the iPhone that allows users to post crystal clear audio to directly twitter.

Listen to this blog post via TwitMic

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    One of the best gadget for the student to share their concepts and imformation related to the technology and i am very lucky to engage with twitter. Most of the time we get the solution of many new information technology question through this. Thank you for the post.


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