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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter-delphia - How news events of the past would play out on present-day devices

My Media Literacy class is about to take on a project called Twitter-delphia - for a second time.  The project  comes from radio host Michael Smerconish.  Smerconish's Twitter-delphia first appeared in the Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer, June 28, 2009.  The thought behind Twitter-delphia is meant to show how news events of the past would play out on present-day devices.

The Smerconish article reads and looks like this

I think this will be a good project for my students because it requires them to multitask in an organized way while using a number of Web 2.0 tools. They will research their home town, find and imagine quotes by legendary and not so legendary Philadelphians,  use social bookmarking tools, use twitter to conduct research, add hyperlinks to their writing, use image editing software and possibly do some audio and video editing.

To begin the project, the students will create a storyboard (24 slides) in either ZOHO Show or Google Presentation.  Slides should be one color, border less and no designs or graphics.  Each slide (frame) must contain a newsworthy observation or quote by a noted Philadelphian.

The observation must be about Philadelphia - Philadelphia's history, politics, people, the environment, sports, transportation, crime, art, religion, music, philanthropy and more, so long as there is a Philadelphia angle and the action took place between 1920 and 2010.  The observations must be historically accurate and spoken or imagined by an actual player or witness to the event being described.  All observations must be written in 140 characters or less.

The students will practice surfing the web intelligently using smart keywords and phrases.
The students will learn how to use Diigo to bookmark, highlight and annotate web pages.     
I'm requiring them to compile and arrange all of their web findings for this project inside of Diigo.
They will use the free and web based Aviary Image Editing software to create original layered images  to add to their individual slides.

We will use the PrintScreen key over the course of the project to capture important screen shots.
Slides can be saved as jpeg image files and imported into Movie Maker. 
We will use Aviary Audio Editor to create an original music and narration track.
Export movie sequence to local computer and upload to student's educational blog.

Deadline to be determined.

H Songhai

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