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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The Computer Arts component of Internet Broadcasting class will focus on the genius of Sarah Vaughn and Curtis Mayfield.
All Internet Broadcasting students are required to write biographical sketches of Vaughn and Mayfield. Your biographical sketches must be posted on your blog. Use encyclopedias, the Internet and magazines to research and compile information on these two 20th century icons of Black American Music. Remember, do not copy and paste. Research both artists and retell their stories in your own words. Biographical sketches must be at least three paragraphs in length.

The PowerPoint requirement for all Internet Broadcasting students is to set the following songs to pictures or to video. You and your cast can even record an original dramatization of either of these works.

Little Man You've Had A Busy Day as recorded by Sarah Vaughn

Click to listen
Tips for setting this song to pictures or video.
Use the lyrics of this song to describe in pictures or video, the state of the world in general and our nation in particular. Consider the following as you storyboard this project in PowerPoint: our solar system, the environment, war, power, the president, inflation, street killings, greed, time and the hope for peace.

Here But I'm Gone by Curtis Mayfield
Click to listen
Remember! The first 16 bars of this song need to have a photo or video complement.
You can use 16 different photos (one photo for each bar of the introduction), 32 different photos (two photos for each bar of the introduction), or any combination of photos and video that sustains for sixteen measures.
You can even use the first four bars of the 16, to introduce the song title, the artist and your credits.

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All students must post a comment of interest on this post indicating the news team you choose to join. Your comment of interest must be received by May 10, 2006 or I will assign you to a team of my choosing.

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