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Monday, November 28, 2005


Digital Production/Computer Arts Proposal

This is an example of the information all student proposals should contain


I plan to showcase a series of slides from three of my best PowerPoint presentations. I plan to demonstrate how I successfully matched up specific lyrics with pictures from the Internet, to create a series of pictorial slideshows based on classic African American songs and poems.

I will schedule time with my instructors so that I can videotape myself discussing my approach to evaluating a song or a poem and the steps I took to find the best images for each line of the song or poem. Additionally, I will record brief biographical sketches of three of the artists whose work I have set to pictures.


I plan to discuss what blogs are to me. I will discuss their usefulness as a teaching and learning tool. I will compare blogs (electronic journals) to traditional blackboards, chalk, notebooks and pens. Additionally, I will take screen shots of several of my best blog posts and briefly explain the information contained therein. (See me about taking screen shots of your blog pages.)

DIGITAL PRODUCTION (Lights, Camera, Action – quiet on the set!)

I plan to analyze the successes and failures of the NMTCS digital production classes. I will discuss what worked and what did not work in the studio. I will make recommendations as to how Digital Production classes can be improved. I will discuss what my role was in my production team and what I contributed to my group.

Your proposal must be posted on your blog by 12-5-05

Mr. Songhai


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