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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Dash of the Dots


Couriers, Drums, Smoke, Telegraph, Telephone, FAX, Internet, E-mail, Instant Messaging
What do these all have in common?

Recently, Western Union pulled the plug on its fabled telegram service.
For decades, the telegram was the medium of choice for the dissemination of information around the globe.

Watch a short video on the rise and fall of the telegraph

Who invented the telegraph? Why was it an important invention? Have you ever sent or received a telegram? If not, do you know of someone who has sent or received a telegram?

What does the telegram have in common with couriers, drums, smoke, telephones, FAX, the Internet, E-mail, and Instant Messaging?

In your best writing style, answer the questions above, then organize your answers and thoughtful reflections on this topic into a dynamic news story.

As always, state your name, the date, your advisory, then introduce your topic "The Dash of the Dots."

This assignment is for both Internet Broadcasting students and Digital Production students.

ONE MORE THING: Create a photo story in PowerPoint (18 slides with captions)to illustrate the key points of your story.

Good luck,

Mr. Songhai & Mr. Andrews


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