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Friday, January 12, 2007

Perspectives In Blogging

Special thanks to Wesley Fryer, producer of Moving at the Speed of Creativity for featuring Songhai Concepts as a part of his keynote presentation at the MacWorld Conference held this week in San Francisco. Two weeks ago, Wesley Fryer posted an invitation on his blog for teachers who use blogs in their classrooms, to share their reflections on this relatively new and powerful form of writing everybody is buzzing about - blogging.

I've been using a blog in my classroom for close to two years now. My blog is like a digital chalk board. All of my assignments are posted on my blog, Songhai Concepts. In return, my students publish their homework and assignments on their blogs. Recently my students have been posting lists, facts and other useful data on their wikis. I check their blogs and their wikis and leave comments. That's how I mark papers/pages - through a digital conversation. Papers are practically non-existent in my classroom. Ninety-nine percent of the students at NMTCS have a blog.

So when Wesley Fryer posted an invite for teachers to talk about blogging, I figured I was qualified to write a few lines about why blogging is so historically important in the 21st century classroom.

I e-mailed my written comments and a voice recording to Fryer and he did the rest. The result is a sparkling short video of three classrooms from three very different places, but with at least one thing in common - blogging.

Click to watch Perspectives in Blogging

You will need QuickTime to view this video.

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