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Monday, November 20, 2006

Cell Phone Project Due Dates

Due Wednesday 11/22/06

10 “Did You Know” facts – 10 little known and insightful facts about the cell phone. (10 PowerPoint slides)
Timeline – No less than eight examples of man-made communication inventions/systems from antiquity to the present. (PowerPoint slides)
Survey Monkey survey – 10 scholarly survey questions on the topic of cell phones. Your survey must be e-mailed to me before you mass distribute it.

Due Monday, 11/27/06
Thirty-second skit - Write a 30 second real-life drama or skit involving a cell phone. This short skit describes how cell phones are indispensable in our everyday lives.
Thesis paragraph: This paragraph introduces the three cell phone features you plan to bring to light in your project i.e. Bluetooth, video, photos, voice recorder, calendar, calculator, text messaging, Internet, e-mail, etc.

Due Wednesday 11/29/06
Two-three paragraph paper on “How cell phones work.”
Cost comparison - No less than three PowerPoint slides detailing the plans and rates for three different cell phone provider companies.

Due 11/30/06
Defend your thesis – Two to three paragraph paper that explains three high tech cell phone features.

Due 12/1/06
Project conclusion - Three to four paragraph review of your project. Your conclusion must include examples from the following: Did You Know, your thesis, your survey, your timeline, How Cell Phones Work, your cost comparison and the defense of your thesis.

If you have questions about tasks and due dates, see me right away!

Mr. Songhai


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