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Monday, October 30, 2006

Creative Writing Activity #2

Topic: hyperbole (exaggeration for effect)
Hyperbole is a key ingredient in poetry and song. When used cleverly, hyperbole can be very effective at conveying imagery, sound, colors, and the vastness of the writer's mind.

For this exercise we will use Nikki Giovanni's poem ego trippin as a vehicle to spark the creative writing process for us.

For this assignment you will recreate an original rendition of Giovanni's ego trippin'.

You will recreate this piece by answering a series of questions based on Miss GIovanni's original poem.

Click here for "ego trippin'" questions.

Use hyperbole generously throughout this exercise.

Please refer to Miss GIovanni's poem when creating your work.

Once you have finished your version of ego trippin', You will need to add hyperlinks to key words in your poem.

All work to be published to your blog by 11/3/06.

Mr. Songhai


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