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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Information Islands on Your Desktop

Over the last two weeks, we've been talking a lot about Personal Start Pages like iGoogle, Netvibes and Pageflakes. We've spent a lot of time subscribing to various blogs and education feeds and we've spent a lot of time adding tabs and themes to our Personal Start Pages.

Try to think of your Personal Start Page (PSP) as your personal Cathedral of Learning, your personalized University of Sankore at Timbuktu, with iGoogle serving as your North Campus, Netvibes as your South Campus and Pageflakes as your East campus. Think of the tabs on your PSPs as academic departments - math, science, anthropology, art, music, technology, videography and more. Click any tab and a world of information is right at your fingertips.

What an incredible time to be a student: information islands on your desktop, universities and cathedrals of learning at the click of a mouse, portable, virtual, archive(able) world.

Media Literacy students, please add the following feeds to your PSP tabs:

News Tab- BBC News, Times Online, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer,

Podcasts Tab - (This is a new tab)
Please add the following feeds - Buzz Out Loud, This Week In Tech, The Word Nerds, NPR Music, NPR Technology, NPR Arts & Culture

Home Tab - Calendar, a dictionary, an e-mail module, my blog page, one local news feed, Google Maps (iGoogle), Map Flake (Pageflakes) Map My Word Dictionary (iGoogle only)

Your Web 2.0/blogs Tab should include feeds from Speed of Creativity, Read/Write Web, Mr. Mayo, Weblogged, Learning is Messy

Feel free to stock your other tabs (Music/Entertainment, Photos/Video) with content of your own choosing.

See me right away if you have questions.

photo of University of Sankore

photo of Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Songhai


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