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Monday, November 19, 2007

Just look under foot

For about a month now, we've been beginning Media Literacy class with an activator - a topic of the day, that you reflect on and post to Google Groups. The activator serves to get your brains stimulated and to get you primed for other classroom business at hand. Usually I will select the activator topics and you post your responses on the Habari Gani Page in Google Groups.

Lately I've been asking all students to post the daily topic on your blog page, as well as on the Habari Gani page. The daily topics have generally dealt with local, national and international events. Surprisingly, many of you have had questions about where to go to find the answers to many of the activator topics - especially those topics dealing with local, national and international matters.

As the title of this posts suggests, Just look under foot. Just look under foot because the majority of the answers to the daily activators can be found on your news tabs in iGoogle, Pageflakes and Netvibes. Remember, this is a paperless classroom. No textbooks and no handouts. The majority of the information you will need for this class can be found on the tabbed pages on your three personal start pages. iGoogle, Netvibes and Pageflakes. You however have to search through your news feeds and other tabbed pages for the answers. I will not give you the answers! If you are not sure aboout what information should go where see my post Information Islands on Your Desktop.

Recently, I introduced you all to - The Internet Public Library. There is a wealth of information contained on that web page. Right now we are just focusing on the newspapers feeds on the Internet Public Library page. Use this page to find local, national and international news stories.

H. Songhai


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