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Monday, March 13, 2006


Internet Broadcasting students at New Media Tech are free to join any of the following news teams:

• School News Team
• Human Interest News Team
• Education News Team
• Entertainment News Team
• Technology News Team
• Gaming News Team

As news reporters, you will research and develop news stories from a variety of sources including: podcasts, online magazines, blogs and assorted video clips.

All Internet Broadcasting students are required to maintain an education blog.
Your education blog will serve as a digital notebook for your original news stories, editorials and other segments to be considered for broadcast.
You will use tools such as Cool Edit Pro, Audioblogger, Skype, and Podcasts to conduct interviews, record live remotes and to edit audio sequences.

Your original content will be available for download on the NMTCS web site.


We are now seeking students to fill the following slots

New Media Spoken Word Program
• This show will feature the work of aspiring poets, writers, and story tellers at NMTCS. This show will serve as a vehicle for student writers to share their work with their fellow students as well as with students from around the world.
(Requires two poems per week for five weeks)

WNMT Variety Show
• Students discuss entertainment, education and technology issues
(Requires two news editorials per week for five weeks)

WNMT News Radio
• All School News, all the time
• NMTCS Human Interest Stories
• Class schedules, meetings, holidays, announcements, events, school closings
(Requires two school related stories per week for five weeks)

Every student must post a comment of interest on this post indicating the news team you wish to join.

Your comment of interest must be received on this post by 3/17/06 or you will be assigned to a news team of my choosing.

Mr. Songhai


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