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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tag Wall Exam #1

Today, you were asked to create a 10 question test in Survey Monkey.
Your test questions must come from the many Tag Wall Topics we discuss
each day in class. Your test must include ten questions that span ten different topics.

Your test must consist of five multiple choice questions
and five open ended essay questions. Some of the topics we discussed
include: Mr. Obama, This Day In The NFL, Poem For Black Hearts,
School Daze, State of The Union, Khadijah, Google and Stepping With The Greeks - School Daze.

In addition to creating an original exam in Survey Monkey, please create
an answer key (with all of the correct answers) in Google Docs.

Please email me your exam and your answer key no later than 1 o'clock 1/26/07.

Thank you,

H. Songhai


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