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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is MySpace The Place?

The late, great Sun Ra said that "Space Is The Place" but we're not going to go there - yet. So until then, all ninth grade students must develop a script for their MySpace project. Most students love MySpace. Most students know MySpace inside and out, so this should be a really fun project - but fun, only if you put your heart and soul into it.

In order to help you along with this project I want all students to take the MySpace survey linked below. Please use the answers that you develop from the survey questions to form the foundation of your script for this project.

This project can really take flight - develop wings, if you take copious screen shots of a number of different MySpace pages, including your own and the more attractive pages of your classmates.

Use the PrintScreen Key (copy) to snap pictures of blog posts, web pages, the desktop and more. After you hit the PrintScreen Key paste your image on a PowerPoint slide. Save your PowerPoint project (with all of the pasted images) 30, 40, 50 slides, more or less. You decide.

That is just one of the many ways to compile and save images for your projects. If you are familiar with PhotoShop, you may paste your images in PhotoShop, crop the images and save them.

Remember to use a microphone and record your scripts with Audacity!
Bring your recorded scripts to school on your flash drive.

Click here to take MySpace survey

H. Songhai


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