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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus and You Must Be Mad!

Since Monday, ninth grade students at New Media have been wrestling with Don Imus' filthy and despicable comments regarding the Rutgers Women's basketball team.

Overwhelmingly, ninth grade students found the so called shock jock's comments to be appalling, sick and venemous. Yet as offensive, sexist and racist as Imus' comments, and the comments of his producer, Bernard McGuirik's were, we've decided to use his disgusting and dim witted diatribe as a teachable moment.

This is particularly timely now that New Media students are using free web based tools to produce original multimedia projects that can reach as far and as wide as Imus' putrid and imbecilic insinuations.

All ninth grade students should see me tomorrow for photos, sound bytes and video clips related to this topic.


H. Songhai


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