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Monday, March 12, 2007

"Synthetic Sunshine"

This is a link to one of the pages that I created in Google Notebook.
Google Notebook is a discrete and handy application that allows you to bookmark web sites, images and other web resources with just one click. Google Notebook is similar to, except it's a little easier to access and switching "notebook pages" is quicker than logging in and out of your different accounts. It's perfect for serious web heads and researchers.

I created this "notebook page" to help you with today's discussion on Daylight Saving Time.

In several paragraphs, please answer the following:

What is the Energy Policy Act of 2005?
How does that act relate to Daylight Saving Time - 2007?
Why did Daylight Saving Time - 2007, call to mind images of Y2K?
How do you feel about the new Daylight Saving Time policy?
Who is your Congressperson?
Did your Congressperson vote for or against the Energy Policy Act of 2005?
Tell me three interesting facts about your Congressperson.

Please send me this report via Google Docs.

High achievers are encouraged to record their reports using Audacity and upload the report to Jumpcut or Eyespot. E-mail me the link.

All ninth grade students please add Google Notebook to your Google account and Homepage.

H. Songhai


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