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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sitting For Kehinde Wiley

A few weeks ago 9th grade students at New Media watched a short video from Current TV entitled Hip Hop Baroque. The video featured New York based painter and visionary, Kehinde Wiley. Wiley is a sharp, young black artists with a special talent for depicting young urban hip hoppers, in full "blinging" regalia against a variety of baroque, gentile and pastoral backdrops.
After viewing the Current TV Pod, I passed around 10 art books and asked the students to imagine if they could be the subject of one of Mr. Wiley's paintings how would they like to be depicted?

Here are two examples of what they envisioned. The students took the pictures of themselves and the original art work with cell phones and digital cameras.

Good job D & D.
More images to come.

H. Songhai



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