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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Interstate 78 and Jet Blue Flight 751

Assemble this project in Google Docs or if you are adventurous, create this project in JumpCut. Once you are done, either send me the JumpCut link or send me the Google Document. If you assemble this project in Google Docs. Make sure you use hyperlinks. Send your finished work to me at

Do not publish this project on your blog until I have checked it and given you the okay to publish it. Send me the JumpCut link or the Google Document first!


1. Use Google maps to find two representative images of Interstate 78.

2. Use the PrintScreen key to copy and then paste the images on a Google Document.

3. Explain where Interstate 78 is and what cities, states and/or towns the highway runs through? Explain why so many people use that artery. (One or more paragraphs)

4. Explain why Interstate 78 is a top news stories? (One or more paragraphs)

5. Explain why Jet Blue Airlines flight 751 was a top national news story last week? (One or more paragraphs)

6. If you were one of the unfortunate ones to either be on Interstate 78 last week during the storm or on Jet Blue Flight 751 bound for Cancun, how would you have occupied yourself through such a nightmare? Describe the essential items motorists and passengers should have in their possession in the event of an emergency situation like the Interstate 78 pile-up or the Jet Blue airline fiasco. (Two or more paragraphs)

7. Imagine that you were an inventor, engineer or a city planner. Describe several inventions or solutions you would propose to ensure that these types of delays are handled better and more efficiently in the future. (Two or more paragraphs)

8. Create and publish this document in Google Docs and e-mail it to me at my Gmail address.

If you choose to do this project in JumpCut, record your paragraph responses in Audacity then upload your audio and PrintScreen shots to JumpCut. Mix and edit your media then publish your project and send me the JumpCut link.

(Photo of Jet Blue passengers is from WABC TV New York)

Good Luck,

H. Songhai


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