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Friday, February 16, 2007

You've Got Power!

I hope you found the last two weeks in class to be exciting and informative.
We covered a number of topics and you were asked to respond and distribute your work to me using several different electronic formats.

Over the last two weeks, we created several reports with Google Docs and we probed a little deeper into the free and powerful web based aggregator Google Reader. You were shown just how easy it is to create folders and fetch blog feeds using Google Reader. All students should have created at least three folders in Google Reader including a folder for student blogs, professional blogs and news feeds. Are you beginning to see that an aggregator is one of the best ways to keep track of and organize your web content?

On Monday, the 12th of February, I attended the PETE Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Educators, workshop leaders and vendors from all over the country were showing off and explaining the latest software, gadgets and gizmos designed to make teaching and learning more engaging and meaningful.

The workshop I found the most interesting was a session titled Video editing with Eyespot and JumpCut. The workshop was hosted by John Kinslow from West Chester University. I had heard about web based video editing programs, but I never realized how easy they are to use.

This short video was partly created using JumpCut. I created the titles in iMovie

Eyespot and JumpCut are web based video editors. You upload your original video, pictures and audio to either Eyespot or JumpCut, then you edit your media online. These programs are designed for computer users who do not have access to iMovie, Final Cut Pro and other desktop video editos like Movie Maker and the Ulead suite of programs. Take your pick – JumpCut or Eyespot. They are both hot little programs that allow you to mix, edit and publish your original video projects onto your blog.

So what does all this mean? It means you've got power! It means that anyone with a computer and a high speed Internet connection can function as a complete and autonomous broadcast entity. Think of it this way, if you download the free audio editor, Audacity and use it with either JumpCut or Eyespot, you can broadcast your original projects to anyone, anywhere on the planet – directly from your desktop. That’s power!

Begin experimenting with either JumpCut or Eyespot over the long weekend. Take about a dozen screen shots of different student blogs (or your MySpace page) and upload them to JumpCut. Edit and mix your media in JumpCut. Add an audio track and send me the link to your production. Discover how these web based video editors can move your multimedia projects to another plane.

E-mail me @ if you have questions.

Good luck,

H. Songhai


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