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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sitting For Kehinde Wiley wiki

The Sitting For Kehinde Wiley wiki is up and running. Several students have begun posting biographical, bibliographic and anecdotal info about their image choices on the wiki.

Most of you already have an individual wiki that you use for vocabulary lists, reports, projects and other school related work.
The sitting4kehinde wiki, on the other hand, represents our first real attempt at setting up a collaborative wiki for all of the ninth grade students to participate in and make contributions. Through this effort, each one will indeed teach one, therefore the information that you post must be clear and accurate if your classmates are to truly benefit from your reporting.

Thanks to Marques from 9-2 for suggesting and then making several format changes to the wiki thus making the overall wiki space a lot more pleasing to the eye and user friendly.

More about this tomorrow in class.

Up Next: Blog Watch Show #3, MySpace Show.

H. Songhai


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