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Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Today in class we talked about the Ides of March, Julius Caesar and the
relationship between the words Caesar, Kaiser and Czar. We also discussed several of the top political, environmental, and local issues affecting Philadelphians today.

This particular assignment is very similar to your first semester reflection (The Midnight Hour of My First Semester As A Freshman). After you send me your reflections via Google Docs, I will review it and then give you the okay to start building it in PowerPoint and ultimately upload your PowerPoint (JPEG slides) to Jumpcut. The audio portion of this report should be recorded using Audacity.

As always use hyperlinks to enliven your text.

Please begin this report using the language and lines we went over in class.

My Google Notebook page on The Ides of March, etymology and Julius Caesar.

H. Songhai


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