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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple MacBook Touch coming soon

The MacBook Touch looks like an awesome device.  Rumor has it the "Touch" will debut in January and ship sometime around June of 2010.  The video below comes on the heels of the debut of the Nook eReader by Barnes and Noble.  The Nook continues to get  high marks from eReader observers, especially because of its color touchscreen. It's also expandable up to 16 gigabytes and runs on the Google Android operating system. The Nook has WiFi and 3G capabilities and Barnes and Noble together with Google will offer hundreds of thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines for eReaders to choose from.

As for the MacBook Touch, well, I'll have to see one and touch one first before investing somewhere between five and eight hundred dollars for a device that will, after all do everything you want a laptop or desktop computer to do. That's a big decision. On the other hand, I'd like to know how the "Touch" handles USB devices like external hard drives and USB hubs and if it is robust enough to handle detailed Final Cut editing, screen capturing and video capture devices like Dazzle and Canopus? Can I import video from a camcorder? Firewire? I have a few questions.   From watching the video alone, the MacBook Touch really looks it could be the standard for Tablet Computers.  In the meantime, I'm holding on  to my aging black MacBook.  I add another two gigs of memory and she'll be just like new again.   

H Songhai

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