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Thursday, February 23, 2006


When you graduate, in addition to your report card and transcripts, you will need to show colleges and universities your digital portfolio - a compilation of work that you produced while you were a high schooler.

To those who are conscious, now is the time to begin organizing and preparing your work for the future.

Here is an opportunity for you to bolster your digital portfolio and gain a step on the competition.

If you are up for the challenge, then set this song (as recorded by the great singer/musician Sarah Vaughn) to pictures –
Little Man You’ve Had A Busy Day.

This is not a mandatory assignment. It is however, an opportunity for you, the young scholars to add another piece of work to your growing digital portfolio.

Mr. Songhai

The Dash of the Dots


Couriers, Drums, Smoke, Telegraph, Telephone, FAX, Internet, E-mail, Instant Messaging
What do these all have in common?

Recently, Western Union pulled the plug on its fabled telegram service.
For decades, the telegram was the medium of choice for the dissemination of information around the globe.

Watch a short video on the rise and fall of the telegraph

Who invented the telegraph? Why was it an important invention? Have you ever sent or received a telegram? If not, do you know of someone who has sent or received a telegram?

What does the telegram have in common with couriers, drums, smoke, telephones, FAX, the Internet, E-mail, and Instant Messaging?

In your best writing style, answer the questions above, then organize your answers and thoughtful reflections on this topic into a dynamic news story.

As always, state your name, the date, your advisory, then introduce your topic "The Dash of the Dots."

This assignment is for both Internet Broadcasting students and Digital Production students.

ONE MORE THING: Create a photo story in PowerPoint (18 slides with captions)to illustrate the key points of your story.

Good luck,

Mr. Songhai & Mr. Andrews

Friday, February 10, 2006


Read “Bye Bye Lyrics” above

(click the picture to enlarge image)

Answer the following questions.

What does copyright mean?
How much are copyrights worth in today’s digital world?
What is intellectual property?
What is the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

How could the information in “Bye Bye Lyrics” potentially affect the way we set songs and poems to pictures in PowerPoint?

Should we listen, line by line, to various recordings and transcribe the songs and poems into PowerPoint (like you did with “On Children”) or should we continue to copy and paste lyrics from the web?

Approach this assignment as if you were hosting your very own radio show.

State your name, the date and state the name of your show - for now, call your show "your advisory."

Then, in your best writing style, fold your answers to the four questions into your opinion of the article, “Bye Bye Lyrics.”

Is it your right to copy and paste lyrics and poetry from the web or should we listen and transcribe the lines to the songs we choose for our PowerPoint work?

Mr. Songhai

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Set Margaret Walker’s “For My People” to pictures or video

Margaret Walker wrote “For My People” over sixty years ago. The poem won her the Yale Younger Poets Award in 1942. I took a master poetry class with her in 1983. I remember Margaret Walker as a wise and enlightened professor – full of the myths, legends and memories that all special writers exude and share freely with their students.

I am asking all students to honor her legacy by thoughtfully setting her prize winning poem, “For My People” to pictures and/or video.

If you have a digital camera, scanner or a camcorder, you may use original images and footage to build this project.

Post any questions you may have about this assignment on my blog page.

Listen to Margaret Walker read an excerpt from For My People.

this is an audio post - click to play

Mr. Songhai